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  • Many of Voidious' contributions to the Robocode 2 Brainstorm in 2009 made their way into BerryBots 3+ years later, including walls/obstacles, a secondary grenade-like weapon, replays, making it easier to run challenges, and making the game rules customizable.
  • The BerryBots code base uses 4 programming langauges: C++, Lua, Objective-C, and Javascript. (6 if you count C and shell scripts.)
  • "BerryBots" is also the name of a real life robotics team: [1] (Voidious: Sorry guys! I thought the .com being available was the only signal I needed...)
  • The names "FloatingDuck" and "MyFirstShip" are homages to two of Robocode's sample bots, SittingDuck and MyFirstRobot.
  • The name "BasicBattler" is an homage to BasicSurfer, from the Robocode Wave Surfing Tutorial.
  • RandomBot was the first sample bot.
  • If a ship hits two or more other ships simultaneously, the momentum transfer will be split across the two ships being hit.
  • If a ship is hit by lasers from two or more ships when it dies, the firing ships do full damage (as reported by Admin:shipDamage()) and split the kill (as reported by Admin:shipKills()). Same for torpedos. But lasers are processed first each tick, so a laser and a torpedo can't share.
  • You can use torpedos on ArcadeShooter, but it's probably safer not to.
  • You can use lasers and torpedos on Vortex to try and destroy meteors or knock them out of your path.
  • Not all mazes produced by RandomMaze are solvable. (Building a randomized but always solvable maze is a good challenge.)
  • The ship destruction graphics are based on the victory graphics from Diamond, one of Voidious' Robocode bots.
  • The programmable stage kind of happened by accident. Voidious needed a configuration file for the stage specs (dimensions and walls) and decided to use a Lua script. It was a natural extension to allow that program to manage gameplay and scoring.
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